Planting new churches is not as simple as filling a pulpit in an existing church. There are different gifts and abilities necessary for each. Sending a church planter into the field who lacks full-orbed assessment and who later may lack coaching may not only put the project in jeopardy, but may also contribute to the breakdown of the planter's personal spiritual life and her or his family.

Matthew Paul Buccheri offers a full-orbed assessment process through like-minded church planting partners and networks throughout the country. He utilizes a full-range of objective and subjective tools, all of which are delivered over a well-timed process. Furthermore, some qualifying candidates may procure pre-launch training, as well as grants.

Matthew can also help build a church planting center uniquely tweaked for your denominational needs and context, while keeping in mind its theological and ecclesiastical standards.

Lastly, Matthew is a dual-certified church planting coach for Redeemer City to City and Church Multiplication Ministries and coaches church planters across a wide spectrum of denominational lines.



Network Connecting With Training

On-The-Ground & Virtual Coaching