With material for one day (or a "Quiet Day"), overnight and weekend retreats ranging from "how to pray," "why we pray" the history of Christian spirituality and how to use the Book of Common Prayer in your everyday life, Matthew Paul Buccheri can help grow your congregation's spiritual base, which prepares them to go out and serve the world.

Thomas Merton says a "spiritual director is...one who helps another to recognize and to follow the inspirations of grace in his [or her] life, in order to arrive at the end to which God is leading." Thus, spiritual direction involves three participants: the director, the directee and the Holy Spirit. It is in this triad that holy listening, attentiveness and presence occur for all three parties. Practically speaking, however, spiritual direction involves assistance with developing a Rule of Life and Prayer and helps spiritually challenge the directee to live their Rule out. As Margaret Guenther points out, "Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy nor is it an inexpensive substitute, although the disciplines are compatible and frequently share raw material. Spiritual direction is not pastoral counseling, nor is it to be confused with the mutuality of deep friendships, for it is unashamedly hierarchical." Therefore, spiritual direction is akin to being led up a mountain by a sherpa. Sherpas aren’t better people, they simply have treaded the path that you so desire to thread, and in this case, a spiritual path.

Matthew offers one-on-one spiritual direction in person or virtually via web-resources like Skype®, VSee®, Facetime® for those outside the New York Metropolitan Area.

While spiritual direction is made available at no cost to the directee, an honorarium is greatly appreciated for our monthly time spent together. To provide an honorarium and to receipt your giving, please click the "Honorarium" button to do so. Thank you.

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